Thursday, December 14, 2006

you people suck

Harsh words, I know. But in my time of need you have NOT come through with even a SINGLE book recommendation even though I asked really nicely for your input. So now I'm not asking so nicely anymore. I'm demanding...LEAVE ME SUGGESTIONS FOR A BOOK TO PICK FOR MY BOOK CLUB. IMMEDIATELY. Time's a wastin'.

Posted by Poka Bean at 7:06 PM


  1. Blogger Amy posted at 6:39 AM  
    I don't know what you've already read in your book club nor what sort of book you're looking for. Um, Time Traveler's Wife? Or how about ugh, I don't know. Does it need to be a current bestseller or can it be any book? Charles Frazier's new book, Thirteen Moons should be good (it's on my bedside table) he wrote Cold Mountain which was a wonderful book. I'm not much help, I am so very sorry.
  2. Blogger Melissa posted at 8:02 AM  
    I've never left you a comment before, but with threats flying and a love of reading, I can't refuse! Like Amy, I have no idea what type of book you are looking for, or what you've read, but my suggestion is Life of Pi. If not for your book club, it's a great read for fun. I even got my "I hate to read unless it is about war or the military" boyfriend to read it and he now recommends it to anybody that will listen. Good luck!
  3. Blogger undercover celebrity posted at 9:31 AM  
    US Magazine.

    Nothing will spur on more conversation. And it will bring great joy to my life. And you already own it.

    Or, The Other Bolyn Girl. It's about the sister of Anne Bolyn who married Henry VII. Carolyn read it in her book club and loved it.

    She's kind enough to send me her book club leftovers. Let's see... I also have from her... The Secret Lives of Bees, Honeymoon with My Brother... that's all I can remember right now. I haven't read any of them, but she recommends them highly.

    good luck little reader. and, if you don't find anything... can we start a TV club? We'll discuss each week's episodes. Just a thought.
  4. Blogger Amy posted at 7:51 AM  
    Oooh!! I wanna join the TV club! That's an awesome idea by UC! I don't watch 1/10th of the shows she watches, but I'd love to talk about the ones that I do!! (Lost, Studio 60, Brothers and Sisters...)
  5. Blogger Newlywife posted at 8:15 AM  
    The Secret Life of Bees: Fast and good. My book club just read it last month. We liked it, and we had a good book club meeting with it.

    But I have to say, US magazine is also a good choice which would undoubtedly spur on conversation.
  6. Blogger Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer posted at 12:40 PM  
    Not a reg-- stumbled here from Undercover Celebrity's blog-- so I can't take the yelling seriously, and don't know what kind of books your club does. But I just read one I would reccommend: The Demon Under The Microscope, by Thomas Hager, about the advent of sulfa-based drugs in the fist part fo the 20th Century.
  7. Blogger Amy posted at 12:50 PM  
    What did you end up choosing for your book club, and what other books has your group read? (You know I'm always looking for ideas and you give me GREAT recommendations!)
  8. Blogger Cindi posted at 1:33 AM  
    I found you via Undercover Celebrity via Orchestrated Happenstance. I know this is an old post. I don't know what sort of books you like or that your book club is into but I would like to suggest "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls. It is fantastic.
  9. Blogger Poka Bean posted at 10:47 AM  
    hello friends,
    thanks one and all for your input. i should have listened and picked one of your recommendations because i decided to try something new and unknown and it sucked. Water For Elephants. DON'T BOTHER. althought i do think they could make it into a great movie if someone did it right. i will definitely be reviewing your recommendations again next time it's my turn to pick a book.

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