Saturday, November 04, 2006

he came back

Getting out of bed in the morning is getting harder and harder as the year wears on. Jon and I have been hitting snooze a lot longer and suffering the consequences of getting a later start to our day for the past couple of months.

One day last week, after having been quite late to work already three days in a row, Jon was rushing around the house mumbling under his breath about how late he was again, obviously stressed. After he finally got out the door, I noticed his wedding ring sitting in the bathrom. He had forgotten to put it back on after applying his hair goop. I moved it to safer place and went about my own rushing around, my own mumbling.

Several minutes later, I heard his truck pulling into the driveway. I figured he had forgotten his lunch or his coaching clothes or some such necessity he couldn't get through his day without. And indeed he had, but it was none of those things. He came back to get his ring. He was really late and he came back to get his ring.

I kissed him goodbye a second time and then shut the door behind him and cried. I am married to a great man.

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  1. Blogger Amy posted at 7:07 AM  
    OOH he is a good one!! What a great moment! Glad you shared it with us!

    P.S. Way to go, Jon!

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