Thursday, January 25, 2007

photos. because i'm out of words and they're worth 1,000 a piece.

I've been really uninspired about blogging recently but I've decided to take matters into my own hands and spice things up with a few photos from the holidays.

This is my dear husband dressed as a shepherd to help at our church's Christmas services. There was a petting zoo (I mean "Bethlehem Inn Stables") for the kids and there were plenty of shepherds helping out but go figure, there were no sheep. Instead, Jon led a pony around the parking lot all night. It had sparkly ribbons in its hair, just like in Jesus' time.

This is my nephew in the bathtub on Christmas Eve. Oh, how I love this boy.

This is view of the sunrise over Dana Point Harbor as seen from the patio of the little inn Jon and I stayed at after Christmas. It was as amazing as it looks.

Living proof of my highest scoring Scrabble game ever over New Year's weekend, the very one in which I kicked UC's ass. (Sorry, babe.)

Another little glimpse into New Year's weekend with Emily and Mark in the background. This was me trying to make it look like we're crazy party animals but let's face it, we were all in bed by 12:05am.

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  1. Blogger Amy posted at 6:47 AM  
    'hemo' is a word?

    Last weekend, some very nice folks from church invited LM and I to dinner (so very brave, they were) and we played a game LIKE Scrabble, but NOT Scrabble. You play with all the tiles, face down, everyone takes 7, flips them over and makes their own little scrabble game in front of them (not on a board). Whenever anyone has used all their tiles, or everyone is stuck, you say, "pick" and everyone picks another tile. You try to keep all your tiles on your board, and you can rearrange your board or words at any point. It's crazy, but, just like Scrabble, I still SUCK!! LOL
  2. Blogger undercover celebrity posted at 8:48 AM  
    YES! Amy, "hemo" is a word!!! As in "hemo"-shere. One must get creative when one's counterpart keeps stunting the board growth with short words that earn a lot of points.

    But, yes, I will concede that Poka kicked my glittery-bowed arse (as Jon walked me around the parking lot).

    LOVE that you're blogging again!
  3. Blogger karla posted at 4:38 PM  
    That nephew of yours has lots of fun toys in his bathtub. How come my bathtub isn't that fun? I totally got screwed in the bathtub toys department.

    On an unrelated note: What happened to Undercover Celebrity's blog? It's all whacked out and taken over by aliens. And her profile doesn't lead anywhere (like to a blog) like it used to. Where did she go? I need my daily dose of UC.

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