Thursday, December 14, 2006

you people suck

Harsh words, I know. But in my time of need you have NOT come through with even a SINGLE book recommendation even though I asked really nicely for your input. So now I'm not asking so nicely anymore. I'm demanding...LEAVE ME SUGGESTIONS FOR A BOOK TO PICK FOR MY BOOK CLUB. IMMEDIATELY. Time's a wastin'.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

you wish you were me. minus the spinning.

You're so jealous. Presently, it is 12:08pm on a Friday and I am cuddled up on the couch in my pajamas watching back to back episodes of Felicity* while drinking a huge mug of killer french press coffee with toasted milk (thanks to UC for the wicked cool Christmas present!) and eating homemade Swedish cinnamon rolls (aka BULLAR - not to be confused with the modern floor lamp sold at Ikea).

I have forgone my usual Friday morning ritual of yoga and reading a book at my favorite bagel shop in favor of this more homebody-style, pajama-friendly approach. Partly because IT ROCKS and partly because I'm experiencing some pretty awesome vertigo which would make Bird of Paradise and Dead Bug Pose challenging and because I'm not fit to operate the heavy machinery needed to GET me to my favorite bagel shop.

Okay, but completely off that subject, I really need your help. I have to pick the next book for our book club and I am cracking under the weight of this responsibility. Good grief, the pressure! Need help. Please leave me your suggestions. I'm thinking fiction would be cool since we've been reading a lot of memoirs recently. Bearca, I'm considering Paint It Black but I'm not sure if it's something everyone would like or if it's just for big Janet Fitch lovers like us. Ideas??

*Felicity: It's been over a year since I've watched this series. Why have I let so much time go by? I freaking love this show. But to change things up and not get bored on my couch day, I'm now switching to Grey's Anatomy for an episode or two because my homegirl Malin gifted me with season one last night at the 3rd Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest which I'm proud to say I won**.

**Okay, so we sort of all won. We are stupid, wimpy girls and were unable to choose a winner this year without any outside, objective judges. But I think my snowman/santa/gingerbread man was the clear choice.

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